Announcing - Accessibility Features Now Available :)


We are pleased to announce public availability of the much-anticipated accessibility features, enabling you to design your experiences for everybody, regardless of ability. In just released IntuiFace Version 5.4 you’ll find the following:

Accessibility-related Features

Text to Speech: (for Windows): Uses the PC’s speech synthesizer to read aloud text. You’ll be able to select any voice that’s available on your Windows device.

Keyboard as Trigger Source: Every key on the keyboard or a remote control can be interpreted as a trigger for any action supported by IntuiFace. This includes scene-to-scene navigation, eliminating the need to touch the screen or use a mouse. Ideal if you design for a keypad-enabled kiosk (that may include Braille keys).

Enhanced On-Screen Gesture Support: On-screen gestures can be associated with any static asset, reducing the need for (button) pinpoint accuracy.

Read all about it on our website.
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These features are part of IntuiFace Version 5.4, now available for download and packed with other exciting features, including support for beacon technology. You can see all the details of this new release in our user-friendly release notes here.