Animation on play not as the same on editor

Hi, I’ve been using Intuiface for some time and it is a great tool, but recently I’m having a problem where an animation displays in a way in the editor but differently when I press play.
These videos show the problem I’m having:

What isn’t working:
I placed an image (image containing text) inside a group and set the group width or height to 1, so the image would be hidden. Then I used a “Move, resize & rotate” action to open the group to display the image inside.

Thanks in advance.

The times I’ve tried this, I’ve also noticed it does not work. Keeping a group “container” stationary and moving it’s contents to the inside of the group let’s you animate a reveal of it’s contents, but animating the size or position of the group while it’s contents remain stationary will not show up in Player.

Making this functionality possible would open up a lot of animation possibilities. This needs to be wishlisted.

Hi @contato,

When you go in play mode, I can see that you are using the Player for platforms other than Windows.

Can you confirm on which platform you are targeting to run this experience?
If Windows, can you switch the Play mode to Windows and confirm you don’t have the issue anymore?


Player for other platforms uses a different rendering engine than Composer’s edit mode, which can explain the slight differences in animation.

If you need to run on a platform other than Windows, I then recommend you to contact our support team.

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