Alter the time an item takes to close


have been wrecking my head over this for a while is there a way to alter the way an item is closed from the standard close button?



You can’t change the animation attached to the default close button. Meanwhile, you could use your own close button, put it into a group along with your main asset and use any hide or move to action parameters.


Hi Seb
the issue i am having with this is when i put my assets (a web site and a background) into a group. I can make the group pin-able. however when i open this group i cannot scale or rotate the website unless i am holding onto the very edge of the border i have created. the web site element does not let me scale or rotate?


i guess what i am trying to do is give the web site the same properties as the group (i.e pin-able)


Hi @GazM,
Just spitballing here - maybe there’s something you can try:

Make a small button in your group with a resize icon. When that buttons is pressed, it shows another rectangle (possibly transparent one) over the top of the web browser asset. The web browser asset’s x,y size is bound to the size of this transparent rectangle. And when it is shown On Top of the browser, when you resize the rectangle, it should resize the web browser as well. But keep in mind that the user cannot interact with the webpage itself in this mode. Then you’ll need to find a way to turn off the resizing, which hides that rectangle again, allowing the user to nagivate the browser…so maybe you’re resize button needs to be a toggle…

Just an idea for a work around. Hope that helps.