Adding same carousel collection to multiple scenes


So i have a carousel collection that I need to appear in about 20 scenes, the quick and easy way is to just copy and paste the carousel in each scene. My worry is that this may increase the total file size of my project (please let me know if I am correct or wrong in thinking this). This will also take way much more work. My question… is there a way of calling a single carousel from multiple scenes?


Hi Chris @licensing,

You can put your Carousel into an Experience Layer that will be shared across the scenes of your choice.



Awesome! Didn’t know about this feature… shows how much cool stuff I still need to learn with intuiface. Thanks!


@Seb Does using an experience layer help minimize file size/load time? The reason i ask is because I’ve already created a header/menu for all of my scenes, would it help load time if i created a single header/menu on an experience layer and deleted the headers on each scene?


@licensing: Yes it definitively would!


Thanks @Vincent!