Add row above others in excel


I’m building a social wall for a client. Part of it, is a selfie section that allows customers to take a picture themselves. These pictures have to be displayed on the wall between social posts.
I’ve done this so far by taking snapshots, and saving those to a folder, and adding the details to an excel sheet.
The issue is that it adds the newest picture at the bottom of the sheet, giving it an unknown index.

I would like the latest pictures added at the top of the sheet, so that the latest picture is on index 1, the second the last index 2 etc.

Is this possible? Or do I need to add some sort of number system that I can sort? Any idea how I would go about doing that?


Hi Abel,

Could you share your XP? also to be able to do this you would need to add a global variable in a asset grid i think to be able to achieve this.

Kind Regards


Hi @abel.arnoldussen,

Maybe you could just use the Fill Direction property of the asset grid and use bottom to top?