Add player licence on iPad

Hello Everyone,

Maybe this is a super stupid question, but…
I released one of our Player licenses from a windows computer and wanted to add it to the Player I dowloaded on an iPad, but I don’t see the add licence option anywhere.

How should I add it?

Or is it possible that an old licence doesn’t run on all platforms only on Windows? But even then I should be able to add a licence somehow to the Player, no?

Thanks for any advice!


Hi Zoltan,

After a quick check, it seems you have a former type of license when it was still split by operating system.
We introduced in May 2019 a new Player Packaging (details here) that allows a Player licence to be used cross-platform.

I recommend you to open a ticket on Support so they can deal with this.

Kind regards,


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Thank you Alex!! :v: :muscle: