Action sequence/order - Start an action when previous one is finished


I’ve typically set up a sequence of actions from top to bottom in the action pane and usually adjust start times to get the desired results. Sometime when dealing with excel IA I need to adjust the start times and durations. Is it possible to hinge the start of one action on the completion of another action (ie bypass having to set up start times with Excel IAs?). I’m finding that sometimes the start times will depend on the PC performance and I’d like to just set up a whole series of actions that perform in sequence one after the other completes.

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Hi @terry.chacko,

I moved your topic in the Wishlist category since your need could interest other users.
At the moment it’s not possible to start an action “when the previous one if finished”.
Regarding Excel actions, if you call several actions on the Excel IA, they will be called in the sequence you define in the actions panel.

Could you precise us what kind of actions you need to call in sequence?