A spotlight on Player for Kiosk


As part of every major release, and in particular 6.0, one must not forget the update of the IntuiFace Players for Android, Chrome OS and Tizen-based Samsung SSP, collectively licensed under Player for Kiosk.

With a bunch of optimizations for Excel and the introduction of Experience Layers that allow to visually retain portions of an experience when transitioning from one scene to another (for example navigation buttons, header/footer, etc.), the performances now achieved on these three OSes are making the choice for Players for Kiosk very attractive, while a lot of improvements on the device side is also happening!


  • The latest generation of Tizen-based Samsung SSP displays with PCAP-based touch technology (exists in 32’’ and 55’’) are not only great looking but performing very well with IntuiFace.

  • AOpen has a great all-in-one Chrome OS-based 22’’ touch device (Chromebase Commercial) which works perfectly with IntuiFace.

  • The Shenzhen factories in China are churning more Android-based kiosks than ever. A simple search on Alibaba shows almost 600 suppliers selling 47K (yes, that’s right) “different” models of Android-based kiosk starting from $150! Even if only 20% are actually good enough, that’s still a big number… And somebody must be doing content for their customers! A great opportunity for all of us. A word of caution: Most of these kiosks are based on an ARM Rockchip CPU architecture: At a minimum, you’ll want to get a Rockchip 32xx board with Android 4.4 (and higher). More about minimal specs here.

A good time to experiment on your next project!