3d model animations

I have a 3d model of a cube in my scene. I animated its 6 sides unfolding and then folding back into a cube. I’ve exported it from 3ds Max as a .dae file and brought it into Composer. Now I want to get the cube to play the unfolding animation. I looked all over the Properties panel and the Trigger and Actions window, but didn’t see anything. I didn’t see anything in the tutorials either. Is there a way for 3d models to play an animation?

Hi Ryan, I dont think currently there’s any support for 3D animations within the 3d asset. You can try creating a video from the animation using alpha transparency, so that the video actually blends in with your scene.

Hi @RyanB,

I confirm that Intuiface 3D Model asset currently doesn’t support animations embedded within the model.

An alternative could be to host your model on a platform than handles these animations, such as Sketchfab maybe, and use the HTML Frame Asset to display your 3D model.