Snapshot resolution


I wish there was a way to increase the resolution of a snapshot. Right now on a 3 screen each screen at 4k a whole screen snapshot seems to not be high enough resolution to be readable



The snapshot will use the resolution of the screen(s) where you are running your experience.
If you run the XP in Composer on a Full HD screen while testing your work, the screen shot will be 1920 x 1080
If you the the XP in Player while spread on 3 x 4K screens and take a snapshot of the scene, the snapshot will have the 3 x 4K resolution.
That’s what I have at least while testing on 3 HD screens.
Con you confirm you tested in these conditions?



so I have tested on 3 connected 4k screens running at 3840 x2160 (11520x2160 combined) and the resolution captured is much lower than this and came in at 7680x1440. Is there any chance there is a maximum size it can capture?



I just tested with 2 4k screens + 2 FullHD screens to get a total width of 11520 pixels and got the attached screenshot of 11520 x 2160 pixels so I confirm it works.
Are you sure your screens are correctly setup and you have a real total display resolution of 11520 x 2160? You should maybe check in the Windows display settings.

See images below.