Object Recognition working in Intuiface on Promultis Screen



Hello Community,

Today we are presenting object recognition working in Intuiface on a Promultis screen. After many sleepless nights and the usual stresses of development, we are proud to have developed a solution that no one else has been able to crack. Here are some images of one Intuiface object recognition solution we developed.

Our framework allows both Infrared and Projected capacitive object recognition to be used with Intuilab with minimal setup.

If you are interested in our object recognition solution, or how we achieved it, drop me a PM and we can discuss further :slight_smile:


Just another video i think we should add to this post.


Fantastic achievement Louie!
Do you have a video we can post on your Intuiface Expert page?



Hi Louie. This is absolutely amazing. It’d be great If we can share a demo video on our Expert page as well as social media channels!