Highlights of soon-to-be-released IntuiFace version 6.0


Thank you Alex. Not yet there, but have definitively put some sort of User Conference on our middle- to long-term roadmap!


Great news @Vincent! I’ll be at DSE in a few weeks. Any plans to show some of this new functionality there?


Not this year Art, but we’ll release video snippets before the release (The first one is planned for the end of this week and will show the new Experience Layer).



Awesome, looking forward to seeing/using it. Congrats!


Thank you Art! You’ll be very pleased :blush:


Haha, that’d be awesome. I’m in.


Congrats to the IntuiLab team for having a consistent track record of listening to its customers and releasing new features to make them happy. Bravi!


Grazie Paolo! Early next week, we’ll post a video of the upcoming Experience Layers (how to use them and effect on the Experience play).


I’m in for this… :sunglasses: Give me a time and place.


Looks great! Really excited to get my hands on Version 6!


That is all great news. Please continue the wonderful work!


Thx Nate, will do!


And in case you haven’t seen it yet, check out this post with our 6.0 preview videos: Now some videos to whet your IntuiFace 6.0 appetite


Last 6.0 video posted there. That’s our biggest innovation so far. 6.0 ETA is mid-May!


6.0 is coming!

Still on for mid next week!
PS: I counted 13 devices…


Player for Tablet/iPad 6.0 just submitted to the Apple AppStore: Never been so close from the 6.0 release and we confirm ETA for May 30th!


Tomorrow it is!


Can’t wait!


Awesome! just updated. Now for some (really)stupid questions:

  • if I’m using composer and I’m sharing files with someone else using composer on a different computer can I assume the Intuiface files are interchangeable between 32 and 64?
  • When I updated to 6.0, it automatically updated my software to 32 bit… as 64 bit now seems to be out of beta, wouldn’t it be nice to give users the option before updating?


Hi John!

To your first question: an IntuiFace project doesn’t know if Composer is 32-bit or 64-bit so yes, it’s interchangeable. There are some features from Version 5.x that were 32-bit and were dropped from Version 6 - like out-of-the-box RFID support, or the legacy Web Browser option or 32-bit dlls. But if you build it in Version 6, you can go back and forth between 32-bit and 64-bit.

I can’t speak about the complexity of giving people the option in the installer but I do know we erred on the side of caution and not let people try to install 64-bit apps on a 32-bit PC. We’ll continue to evolve the installer so it’ll get smarter and thus. long term, it should also be more flexible.