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Since we are a digital signage company, I’ve always tried to find a clean way for Intuiface to launch and run our digital signage channels. This can be a nice feature for our clients who want to easily manage passive content.

However, after looking at the specs of the current browser, the version of chrome appears to be about 20 versions behind, and therefore any signage channel links we run through it appear choppy and bad :frowning:

Would it be time to update the browser again? Would it be possible to use the electron structure which is built with chromium?

  • Yes, it needs an update
  • No, it’s fine

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Alex: The Chromium update in IntuiFace to latest will happen for 6.1, right after 6.0 is out.



Sounds good, thank you!


I’m a fairly new Intuiface designer, developing an Experience for a client who would like to me to integrate one of their vendors’ standalone touchscreen app, built in Chromium. May I infer from your comment about the Chromium update, that with 6.1, I can import or launch such an app? Will that be a drag-and-drop sort of move, or more involved? Thanks.


Perry, although it’s true that a much more recent version of the Chromium engine will be in IntuiFace 6.1, there’s no real way to know if it’ll support your client’s site aside from testing. As indicated here, we’ve just made the updated Web Browser asset available in a beta version of IntuiFace 6.1 I suggest you follow the guidance in that posting to install 6.1 Beta and test it on your client’s site. You can provide us with feedback by replying to that post.


Thanks, Geoff, for your very quick reply.

I had seen the post about the Composer v6.1 beta, but hesitated loading it up, since I’m using Parallels. Composer v6 works great in Parallels. Client’s Player is on Windows 10 on a PC. I’ll keep noodling with it all.
Perry Alexander


That’s true about Parallels. You still might want to try 6.1 Beta on it though as it doesn’t take much work to download and run. Worst case scenario, you test it, find it doesn’t work well, and report the details so Dev can add that website to their test bed as they investigate the problem.


Good point. I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks agin, Geoff.
Perry Alexander