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In this forum we highlight third party Web Service APIs we think are a great way to improve your IntuiFace API Explorer skills. (Interested in the basics of Web APIs? See this article.) In addition to giving you access to each API from within API Explorer, we have also created a mini IntuiFace Experience you can download, reuse and/or change.
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Should you have a relevant example of an API used with IntuiFace, feel free to share it with us by adding a new Topic!

Facebook API
GoodReads API
News API
Amadeus Low Fare Flight Search API
Flickr API
YouTube Search API
PurgoMalum API
Zomato API
Mini card game API
London Metro Updates API
Weather Underground API
New York Times Breaking News API
Robohash API
Open Trivia API


Hi I have used this API and it is very useful. But can you add estimated time of travel from the system info to the location on the map? It would be a great addition to that API.

My email is: omer@techrobotix.ae

kindly email me if you have any suggestions.