A list of useful and fun APIs

The list of API's is available here

Suggestion for an API focused Webinar / Video series

Thanks Vicent!!

it is very useful if could create a repository with more examples would be great


We will do, at least every month!

Don’t hesitate to share your API examples too :slight_smile:

Scrolling text like tiker problems

Article updated today with 3 more fun (and interesting) APIs, all of them explored using the API Explorer: The Rijks Museum, a card game and Facebook/twitter feed.




Article updated today with 3 more APIs: YouTube video search, PurgoMalum to remove profanity form text and Zomato to search restaurants in your city. Each one comes with a link to the IntuiFace API Explorer, a short IntuiFace experience that use that API, an animated Gif showing how the experience looks like and a link to the API doc.




Very useful to have the Intuiface files that we can reverse engineer and learn from. Thanks!


Hey everyone, as with anything, it’s always a good idea to get familiar with Terms of Service for data that you use just to be safe.

As far as I know, Google Places data technically can only be shown on a Google map. Since Intuilab uses MapBox, I’m not entirely sure if that’s allowed or not…(I don’t know a lot about how MapBox runs)

But here’s the Google Places API terms, where one of the first sentences is pretty clear about a Google Map being a necessity when showing map points: https://developers.google.com/places/web-service/policies

Great stuff though, excellent API’s on this page!


In fact, the very next sentence on the page you referenced says “If your application displays Google Places API Web Service data on a page or view that does not also display a Google Map, you must show a “Powered by Google” logo with that data.” So it’s permitted to use MapBox - for example - but then an attribution is required.

Overall though, you’re absolutely right, one can’t ignore terms of service - and we missed this for Google Places. I’ll add a caveat above.


It’s worded a little funny isn’t it? It’s a definitive first statement, followed by “well, if you don’t…”


Thanks Alex for noticing this! I just updated the sample and modified the link above.